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About The Pudenski Brothers

The Pudenski Brothers are a 2-piece acoustic band in Bournemouth, specialising in live lounge contemporary style music, the band have many years of experience and play a huge setlist of live music and popular music hits. 

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Parties, Weddings and Festivals

Are you looking for a wedding band in Dorset? then why not treat yourself at that special birthday, anniversary, corporate events, wedding breakfasts, private parties, drinks receptions and international events or festive party and hire The Pudenski Brothers acoustic band. Whether it's romantic ballads for the wedding ceremony, mellow background music for the cocktails or thrilling pop and rock anthems to fill up your dance floor, our talented acoustic duo can cover your whole day's wedding entertainment needs. Because we play acoustic music, it’s very easy for The Pudenski Bros to relocate within your venue throughout the duration of your event. Acoustic is great as a music option in its own right. Benefits of booking a 2-piece acoustic band is that costs can be significantly less than hiring a full band. Time for the band to set up and pack away is reduced and we can even perform in a smaller area.

Out and about with Craig playing the CajonCraig playing the Cajon

What is a Cajon?

The Cajon is a Peruvian box-shaped drum played by slapping (tapa) the front face with the hands or fingers. Craig can be seen playing the Cajon on the image above. This slapping can be tough on the players hands. Playing for many hours spent slapping skins and wood can be painful for the hand percussionists hands. When you get out to see the Pudenski Bros playing you may see Craig preparing in a common way to protect his hands by applying tape around the joints and tips of his fingers. There is even specially made tape for percussionists infused with eucalyptus which cools and soothes your hands.