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About The Pudenski Brothers

The Pudenski Brothers are a 2-piece acoustic band in Bournemouth, specialising in live lounge contemporary style music, the band have many years of experience and play a huge setlist of live music and popular music hits. 

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Did I really see that you play the Kazoo?

The kazoo is a technically a Membranophone and requires the player to vocalise or hum into it. This oscillating air pressure of the hum makes the kazoo's membrane vibrate, it is one of the easier melodic instruments to play, requiring only the ability to vocalise in tune which is why people tend to remember the Kazoo fondly back to their childhood.

There are some of the songs in our repertoire which needed that little extra, we still want to take up less room than our electric band competitors but wanted to add to the acoustic guitar and the Cajon. The Kazoo hits the spot and always brings a wry smile to all of us that remember trying to play the kazoo as a child. Whether it be the saxophone section in Echo Beach or other classic memories.

The Kazoo Solo

The Video Above is from a night out in Christchurch where the Pudenski Brothers performed at The Smugglers Run and is the equivalent of the classic saxophone classic riff from Baker Street, originally performed by Gerry Rafferty

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