Acoustic 80s Covers

Acoustic 80s Covers

The 1980s have a special place in today's popular music culture as the '80s gave birth to a lot of legendary bands and artists. The electro melodies instrumental hooks and beats were replacing traditional music,  heavily influenced by the availability of Electronic-music, synthesizers creating the Synth-pop era, which peaked in the late 1970s to mid-1980s. It wasn't just about the listeners though, The Music-industry was all about image due to the popularity of the music video, electronica appeared to take over Rock-and-Roll.

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Stripped Back Great 80s songs

Martin and Craig as the Pudenski Brothers perform with a very distinguishable sound especially suited for the smaller venues due to the band having a smaller footprint than a full band, however, the benefit of performing 80s acoustic covers is that with their larger rig they can also play the bigger venues. The stripped-down nature of their performance allows a clear audible performance which is not excessive for guests who want to catch up and then have a boogie later on in the evening. If you want to get some examples of The Pudenski Brothers great 80s cover songs in their stripped-back style either go and see them most Tuesdays at The Wight Bear or take a look at some examples in our Video section.

When music is labeled acoustic, unplugged, or unwired, the assumption seems to be that other types of music are "cluttered" by technology and overproduction and therefore aren't as "pure."

Craig Conley Splendid E-zine August 1999