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Radio One Live Lounge Style

Radio One's Live Lounge is a segment on the was originally introduced by female DJ Jo Whiley on her mid-morning radio show when Fearne Cotton took over the show from 2009 until 2015. The live lounge feature exhibits well-known artists usually performing one song of their own and another originally recorded by a different artist, usually in an acoustic format. The songs chosen as cover versions are commonly a completely different genre to the original and that which the artist usually performs, and like most acoustic cover versions of songs offer a totally new perspective on the original track. Appearing in The Live Lounge has seen many albums released under the Radio One Live Lounge banner featuring both the acoustic originals and acoustic covers.

DECONSTRUCTION: It seems that the notion of deconstruction is quite an accurate description of a song, for now, a song written in one genre can be entirely re-interpreted in another

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