Live Acoustic Music In Bournemouth

Live Acoustic Music In Bournemouth, Dorset

Live Acoustic Music In Bournemouth

Acoustic Music In Bournemouth

Welcome to The Pudenski Brothers website, we are a couple of musicians who are often out and about the local area playing live acoustic music in Bournemouth. We utilise an acoustic guitar, Cajon, foot tambourine, harmonica and kazoo as well as our voices to play acoustic 80s music for pubs, clubs, birthdays and weddings.

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What is Acoustic Music?

The original acoustic instrument was the human voice, maybe a bare-bones song with just a voice such as a cappella and now we tend to split acoustic musical instruments into six groups: string instruments, wind instruments, percussion, other instruments, ensemble instruments, and unclassified instruments. Acoustic music can be identified as music which uses instruments which generate sound by acoustic means rather than electronic means. Because of the lack of amplification, Acoustic or unplugged sessions are typically much quieter, more orientated to listening or singing along to the song. Acoustic music is like by people sometimes due to the fact that it is less intrusive to our nervous system. Our bodies were not designed to deal with portions of the acoustic spectrum at some of the volumes which amplification allows and to waveforms which are not adapted. This is probably why it is often said that with acoustic songs you can hear more of the raw emotion making them perfect for wedding song choices.

Does the use of an acoustic guitar define it as acoustic music?

Typically, if asked to define acoustic music the music would typically be described as "not using an electrical amplifier." Modern definitions when it comes to performances or recorded acoustic performances, you typically require a microphone to record. These days an "acoustic" version of a song just means an acoustic instrument instead of electric guitars, and pianos instead of keyboards. Some people swear by the stripped-back sound of acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Music for Weddings

Acoustic music offers far more intimacy when exploring different types of wedding entertainment, we recommend turning considering the Pudenski Brothers when searching for an acoustic wedding band or artists. Our acoustic wedding music will please even the most casual music fan. This is great when considering your first dance song.

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