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Not sure if you are aware of this but those of you who enjoy listening to the vibrant sound of Bournemouth Band The Pudenski Brothers can catch up with Martin at the virtual Wight Bear on Tuesday Evenings at 07:30. The Wight Bear through Jodie one of the staff is hosting a virtual pub with live music from Martin from his musical attic. To go along to the virtual gig you need to have access to Zoom. Zoom can be run on mobile phones, tablets and computers and gives you a way of socialising like we did pre Covid-19 in the comfort of your own home. If you had been at the bear on Tuesday you would have seen a shameless plug for Google Reviews as well

Who's Zooming Who?

Bournemouth Band The Pudenski Brothers

Welcome to the Pudenski Brothers website, one of the live party bands for hire on the South Coast playing gigs with high energy in the music scene around the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area for your enjoyment and memories. If you are looking for an 80s musician or band and can get out to one of the venues we play or check availability on our list of gigs we will make sure you get the famous Pudenski Brothers welcome. We are a totally live band who don't use backing tracks as our band members guitarist and vocalist Martin and percussionist Craig play acoustic instruments and sing to classic 1980s songs. 

Bournemouth Band

Stay at Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives

We are not journalists, just a friendly band in Bournemouth here at the Pudenski Brothers, however, we do care about the community that we live in. You will have heard this advice many times this week, and we do hope that unlike last weekend more people are able to follow this guidance. The evidence that the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading has been seen this week in government and royalty with high profile symptoms and confirmed results.

This is our 2nd Community Post, you can read Community Post #1 here  

Protect The NHS

We are not journalists, just friendly musicians in Southbourne here at the Pudenski Brothers, however, we do care about the community that we live in. We like to entertain the community when we are out playing gigs around the local area and we cannot do this at the moment. We have put together some community information which may be of help to all of you like us struggling to get our head around the changes that we all have to make to our lifestyle and quickly.

You Have The Power

The Wight Bear

Tuesday Evening's in Southbourne get busy down at the The Wight Bear micro pub. The Wight Bear is a pub located in Southbourne on Sea in Dorset and Martin and Craig musicians who play a very personal acoustic performance here most Tuesday Evening's. You may want to come along to listed to a harmony from Craig, or a Dad joke from Martin, either way you will definately get to hear some of the best live music in Bournemouth tonight.

The Wight Bear

Acoustic 80s Covers

The 1980's have a special place in today's popular music culture as the 80's gave birth to a lot of legendary bands and artists. Music was all about image due to the popularity of the music video. The Pudenski Brothers band perform acoustic covers of popular 80s songs, stripped back.

Acoustic 80s Covers