Community Post #1

Community Post #1

We are not journalists, just friendly musicians in Southbourne here at the Pudenski Brothers, however, we do care about the community that we live in. We like to entertain the community when we are out playing gigs around the local area and we cannot do this at the moment. We have put together some community information which may be of help to all of you like us struggling to get our head around the changes that we all have to make to our lifestyle and quickly.

These are extraordinary times that we find ourselves in, and we are seeing some extreme measures from the government brought into place which are impacting all of us. This impact is causing some people in the area to react differently to normal, due to the fact that we all handle stress in different ways, however, we all need to listen to the guidance being given to us from the appropriate channels such as and not read everything that is around on social media some of which is not based upon fact.


Having been out on Southbourne High Street this morning, socially distanced and unusually not as our normal Southbourne Duo it was evident that things have already changed; however, it appeared that some of the information around Social Distancing had been taken on board. There were queues outside of TD fruits with Barry, Pauline and Georgia Flo working extremely hard in the shop to reduce the number of people in the building keeping people waiting in the safer area of outside. I would like to suggest that the people outside still need to respect other people’s personal space far more than experienced today. It is extremely important that we get better at this very quickly.

Just remember the Longer that you don't comply with social distancing, the longer we are all going to have to do it

This is the community working together, around the world we have seen the community spirit gathering. As musicians, we have been really pleased to see some of the unique ways that people in Italy have kept people who are confined to their accommodation entertained. The world has changed and we need to change along with it.

What we are trying to do is to help out with the community spirit that we experience every Tuesday playing our acoustic 80s music, normally at the Wight Bear. As with all businesses promoting socialisation, they have followed the government guidelines with pubs, restaurants, leisure centres and similar venues are currently shut as infections spread easily in closed spaces where people gather together and Dave made an emotional post onto their social media channels before the announcement from the PM.

Martin Rice -A surreal and sobering mooch up to Southbourne earlier and a few words with some excellent people. We seem to be sailing some stormy seas. Stay safe. Be nice to people. Support the community. Love and peace to all.


We have identified local business's which are changing how they serve us, restaurants around the area are doing takeaways and deliveries. We hope to build more information on this, however here is our first listing for Business's in Southbourne, their contact details and website urls.


Southbourne Deliveries


Business Name Website Phone Number Address
Baffi 01202 418349 61 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QU
BH6 Books and Home 01202 418403 69 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QU
Blues 01202 480022 117 Bargates, Christchurch BH23 1QH
Bournemouth vintage emporium tearooms 01202 427797 1172-1180 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6DY
Broadways 01202 245409 102 Broadway, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 4EH
Brunch bar   01202 481756 252 Barrack Rd, Christchurch BH23 2BH
Cafe Boscanova 01202 242831 650 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4BP
Captain Cod 01202 499667 112 Stour Rd, Christchurch BH23 1JP
Casa Carlos 07895 988000 211-213 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2HL
Cliff House Hotel 01202 424701 13 Belle Vue Rd, Southbourne BH6 3DA
Da Nino 01202 950903 142 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2HZ
Darcy’s Bar & Kitchen 01202 419319 1089 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6BQ
Don Ninno’s   01202 499909 111 Bargates, Christchurch BH23 1QH
Dorset Nursing 01202 425070 4A Wilverley Rd, Christchurch BH23 3RU
Fetch the Drinks 07815 581481 864 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom, BH7 6DQ
Flat white Tuckton 07557 029107

127 Tuckton Road, Bournemouth

Food on the loose 07936 483283 1050 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6DS
Fruber fruit and veg 0800 975 2989  
Haberdasherdo 01202 428612 32a Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth BH6 3RA
Harry’s 01202 433010 52A Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth BH6 3RB
Harvest fine foods 01202 470444 29 St Catherine's Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 4AE
Haywood wines 01202 430200 50B Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth BH6 3RB
Holycowtoday 07949 553620 34a Southbourne Rd, Bournemouth BH6 5AD
Hungry Huskey 01202 425473 1B Grand Ave, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3SU
James and White 01202 485485 17 Church St, Christchurch BH23 1BW
Jolly Vintner Too 01202 484665 1099 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6BQ
Larder House 01202 424687 4 Southbourne Grove, Bournemouth BH6 3QZ
Le Munch 01202 247220 802 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH7 6DD
Little Pickle cafe 01202 900899 737 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH7 6AQ
Makla 07947 841803 217 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2HL
Marks Meats 01202 428035 49 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QT
Mocha turtle 01202 419419  184 Tuckton Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3AA
Neal and Sons 01202 429366 182 Tuckton Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3AA
Restaurant Roots 01202 430005 141 Belle Vue Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3EN
Sarah Byrne Chiropodist / Podiatrist 01202 425545 2 Saxonbury Rd, Bournemouth BH6 5NB
Sobo Fish 01202 424656 129 Seabourne Road, Southbourne,BH5 2HG
Sparkle Launderette 01202 430010  
Sugar Cart 01202 421078 96 Castlemain Avenue, BH6 5 Bournemouth
TD Fruits 01202 428994 89 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QX
The Schooner Restaurant   4 St Catherine's Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 4AA
Velo Domestique 01202 432265 176-180 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2JB
Websters Butchers 01202 422441 156 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2JA
Wight Bear 01202 433733 65 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QU

We won’t be at the Wight Bear for a couple of weeks but keep em peeled on social media and see u all soon! If we have missed business's off please let us know in the comments and we will update the article. Stay healthy people xxx

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