Community Post #2

Community Post #2

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Stay at Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives

We are not journalists, just a friendly band in Bournemouth here at the Pudenski Brothers, however, we do care about the community that we live in. You will have heard this advice many times this week, and we do hope that unlike last weekend more people are able to follow this guidance. The evidence that the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading has been seen this week in government and royalty with high profile symptoms and confirmed results.

This is our 2nd Community Post, you can read Community Post #1 here  

We really enjoyed the Sobo Mile Live Facebook community broadcast which was put together by Gordon Fong, we have linked to the video here so why not go and take a look on Facebook and whilst you are there follow the Sobo Mile, you may also want to take a look at his website Southbourne Groove. We like it because we are still on the front page, recognition at last for this Southbourne Duo,  Thanks, Gordon.

Boris Johnson the UK PM cited four occasions, where leaving the house would be permissible:

1) Shopping for basic necessities, which should be done as infrequently as possible;

2) Brief outdoor exercise once daily, alone or with members of one’s own household;

3) Seeking medical attention;

4) Travelling to work, if absolutely necessary and only when impossible to complete at home.

To help you all remember we have included the following youtube video to act as an earworm just in case you forget the conditions we are all following for the next 3 weeks at least.

We are all in this together, let’s make it work and see what we can do to contribute and help each other. We are going to try and highlight where people are finding new and novel ideas to socialise using different methods but trying to mimic normal activities. Spread smiles not the virus. As we get more used to keeping isolated and social distancing it is still very important to keep the virus at bay with effective hand washing.

There have been suggestions to remember this when moving the bins in and out, the binmen get to move everyone's bins from where we leave them to the refuse vehicle. This means that they are contacting thousands of bins each time they empty them. If you have access to alcohol wipes please wipe the bin handle before you put it out, and the following collection wipe the handle with another alcohol wipe. Please wash your hands following the NHS guidance prior to moving your bins to protect the bin workers as much as possible and then when you have moved your bin back into your own area. The virus appears to be able to still be infectious for up to 72 hours on hard surfaces, up to 24 hours on fibrous and absorbent surfaces such as cardboard, paper, fabric and hessian, it becomes inactive more quickly.

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