Community Post #2

Community Post #2 - Flatten That Curve

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Flatten That Curve

Its been really concerning on social media where people have been out and identified local people who are still risking how we flatten that curve. The weather in Southbourne was extremely pleasant, the sun normally encourages tourists into our area due to our beautiful blue flag beaches and even though businesses are operating as takeaways customers appeared to be congregating around the areas they may have done under normal circumstances, however, we are not experiencing normal at the moment. The government have acted because the modelling shows that we appear to be following other European countries. We need people to recognise social distancing and the benefits to the whole community this brings. 


flattern that curve

  • A flatter curve means there is a slower infection rate and while the same number of people could be infected overall, this will take place over a longer period of time.
  • A sharp increase in the curve means the disease is spreading quickly, which can lead to many people being infected at the same time and the health system becoming overloaded.
  • Containing measures - such as social distancing - aim to lower the infection rate and, consequently, to "flatten the curve".

We must continue to use our local businesses

Use it or lose it. Southbourne high street has been growing in social style eating houses, artisan foods, pubs, restaurants, cafe's and more. Their owners need support from the local community more than ever, they are all out there trying to help the community which we live in and keep their head above water. Gordon Fong local Southbourne resident and responsible for the site Southbourne Groove describes the area as The SoBo Mile (Facebook Page)- For Bournemouth foodies. 

Clocks Go Forwards This Weekend We are not usually fans of the clock change at the Pudenski Brothers, however this year we are keen on the idea for them to go forwards around 4 months, please

We hope that this update helps, Please #StaySafeStayAtHome and another big cheer for all of our NHS workers, Shop Workers and all the other people who are doing what they can in these strange times. We hope to see you on the other side of this for a massive Southbourne party.