Community Post #2

Community Post #2

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We Are in this together

Folks as we see it at the moment, life as we knew it has changed, we have to buy the NHS and scientists involved in fighting the virus some time and we all have our part to play. Whether it be the creation of virtual pubs, choirs, quiz nights, fitness activities and many other inspirational ideas cropping up. The PM has warned the NHS could be "overwhelmed" if people do not act to slow the "accelerating" spread of coronavirus, which is ironic as this week he has been identified as showing symptoms of COVID-19. Many counties in Europe such as Italy and Spain sport and physical activity outside, even individually, is banned. Using vending machines is forbidden. Here in the UK, there are some great stories where people are using technology in some ways to make up for what is missing. People need to stay connected in real ways, we are social animals and we need to stay connected as humans, using human ways. This does not mean meeting up for BBQ's or walks down at the beach. We need to find different ways of social interaction whilst practising social distancing.

Your hands as the enemy.
Think of your hands as the enemy. Wash them well, and much more often than usual. Between hand-washing, avoid constantly touching the mucous membranes that lead to your airways. Basically, try not to rub your eyes, pick your nose, or touch your lips and mouth.

We are usually out and about in the Bournemouth area playing our Acoustic 80s Music attempting to keep people entertained with our own interpretation of eighties classic hits. We have included one from one of our latest performances at the Smugglers Run in Christchurch. However, we are not suggesting that 500 miles counts as Brief outdoor exercise once daily, alone or with members of one’s own household.