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Community Post #2 - Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

For those of you who are not used to being cooped up indoors every day with this being the requirements for the next 3 weeks at least, following All nonessential businesses and public gatherings will be closed or halted as part of the measure, parks may remain open for exercise. We have put together some of the technologies which can be used to mimic some of those normal interactions. It was great on Wednesday evening to see Gordon Fong’s Sobo Mile Live, we are looking forwards to the next one if Gordon is available. We really enjoyed seeing how the people within the Southbourne Community worked together to help create some of their own entertainment. We have heard that Dave at the Wight Bear has tried out a Zoom virtual video pub and there are other people suggesting quiz nights using video conferencing.

If you are not up with all of the technology, we have decided to show you some of the different applications that you could be using to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and colleagues. Most of you are probably aware, however, we feel this may add value for some people.

  1. Zoom
  2. Facetime
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Google Hangouts
  5. Microsoft Teams
  6. Slack
  7. BlueJeans
  8. GoToMeeting
  9. Skype

If you do have access to MS Teams, then it is recommended to use that, if not, Skype is very reliable Google hangouts might be a bit easier for home users. On the whole, these options are cross-platform so you can use them on a PC or a mobile device.

Tuesday Night Quiz

If you frequent the Brewhouse and Kitchen on a Tuesday night then you have probably taken part in their Tuesday Night Quiz with Quizmaster Nick. Join his Facebook group for news on how you can still play along.

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