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Echo Beach - Chesil Beach

"Echo Beach" is a song written by band member Mark Gane and recorded by the Canadian new wave group Martha and the Muffins. The group recorded the song in the UK at Oxford's Manor Studios in 1979 and released the song on the Album Metro Music. The band actually contained two Marthas, Lead singer Martha Johnson, The other one is Martha Ladly (playing keyboards). Martha Ladly is now a Professor of Interactive Design and Martha Johnson is still performing today with her husband Mark Gane as Martha & The Muffins.

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Original Artists: Martha and the Muffins
Album: Metro Music
Awards: Juno Award for Single of the Year
Released: 1980-10-01
Recorded: 1979-09-01
Genres: Pop, Rock, 80s
Artists: Pudenski Brothers
Avatar: pudenski-brothers-avatar

Chesil Beach Far Away In Time

Chesil Beach in Dorset is part of the Jurassic Coast runs from West Bay to the Isle of Portland.

The beach curves sharply at the eastern end, near the village of Chiswell, and forms Chesil Cove against the cliffs of the Isle of Portland, and this protects the low-lying village from flooding. It has been the scene of many shipwrecks and was named "Dead Man's Bay" by Thomas Hardy. The beach provides shelter from the prevailing winds and waves for the town of Weymouth, Dorset and the village of Chiswell on Portland.

What is Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach is a shingle beach that is 18 miles long with a 12 meter long, tidal lagoon called The Fleet situated behind it. This is filled with saline water and lies between the beach and the mainland.

So where is Fleet Lagoon

The Fleet Lagoon is a shallow area of saline water between Chesil Beach and the mainland. It is 13 km long. Its width varies from 900 metres at Littlesea down to just 65 metres in the Narrows. The deepest part is 4-5 metres deep, but all of the mid and upper Fleet is less than 2 metres deep.chesil bank the real echo beach at abbotsbury dorsetChesil Beach - Abbotsbury Dorset