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Live Band in Bournemouth


The Pudenski Brothers are an upbeat acoustic duo performing 80s classics in an acoustic performance. This Bournemouth band is available to perform live renditions of popular music in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and the surrounding areas. The band are the perfect live entertainment for corporate events, weddings and parties in Bournemouth .... in fact any live show where you want to dance all night to rock and pop hits from across the decades! You won’t regret booking The Pudenski Bros to play your gig....very talented live musicians and top blokes!!

The brothers are musicians and singers, recognised for their instrumentation and fun musical performances in the local community. Their lively music performances always deliver pop-music to enjoy an acoustic concert of memories. A vibrant duo, popular on the local music scene who play a diverse repertoire filled with all of your favourites. Rock n roll music spanning the decades and genres including some traditional folk favourites. The band grew up listening to funk and punk, avid listeners of rock music they developed an obsession playing musical instruments  They are local artists who are professional and passionate about their work, bringing this energy to the audience. Their Acoustic 80s live music show is a brilliant addition to garden parties, graduations, corporate events, private dinner functions, birthdays, and even weddings breakfasts and wedding receptions. They bring to your evening chart-topping icons, forgotten classics and all-out guilty pleasures providing melodies and music from the songwriters of the 1980s - this is the 80s. The Pudenski Brothers are active in the local small music festivals playing Frankenfest, The Vintage Shake and Stir and Southbourne Revival in recent years. Unfortunately, as with most live singing in 2020 and live performances the band have resorted to virtual music concerts played on popular video conferencing zoom and more latterly live streaming performing music on Tuesday nights from the Wight Bear after the bar closes at 8:00pm. Other than that Jam sessions is the closest we get to a live music show, you can't beat live singing performed in a small bar full to the gunnels of foreign students but the good times will return.

Is Live Music Dying?

Due to decreasing sales CD and Vinyl record sales in the music-industry, musical artists and local bands are playing live entertainment as the main way many musicians make a living. This is no different for local live bands such as The Pudenski Brothers performing live renditions of classic songs.  Small music venues are struggling to make ends meet as regular venues struggle with modern life, performers don't get the gigs and the recordings stop. Even prior to COVID-19 local music suffered, complicated licensing restrictions and noise complaints lead to battles of bureaucracy with local councils and authorities limiting public entertainment and restricting performances. As a nation, small live music venues providing entertainment are closing down in the UK with  “ever-increasing rents, rising business rates and ongoing redevelopment plans floor by floor, independent live music scene venues across the UK are disappearing. In the last decade, we’ve lost London's iconic Astoria, Manchester’s Roadhouse, Bristol's Bierkeller, the Arches in Glasgow, and locally Mr Kyps in Poole to name but a few. Keeping venues open continues to be a monumental battle, upcoming bands won’t have the platform they need to progress. 


The band's lineup consists of frontman, vocalist and guitarist Martin providing the lead vocals with drummer Craig providing the rhythm on the drums, harmonies and of course the melodies from the Kazoo. Craig provides the percussion from a Cajon and Martin has a range of acoustic guitars dependent upon the venues being played. Hits of popular-music, classic-rock,  reggae, disco, rock-and-roll and occasionally country-music the band's playlist is considerable and with notice, they can perform special acoustic versions of songs for that special occasion.

Around the local Bournemouth area, the Pudenski Brothers are two talented musicians performing live as a versatile acoustic duo who perform classic and contemporary hits from across the decades. The Pudenski Brothers consists of two talented musicians who perform melodic and intimate acoustic renditions of classics; covering artists from James Brown, Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye to Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Bryan Adams.

Pudenski Brothers Lead Singer Martin and percussionist Craig are also band members in The Seventynine, a cover band playing new wave music and late seventies and eighties classics.

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