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Shake And Stir in Southbourne is A celebration of vintage living... Cars, bikes, fashion, memorabilia and music from the 1920s to the 1970s - with a wide range of influences, including Rock 'n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop, Blues, Jazz, Country and Northern Soul. The Pudenski Bros consider themselves to be a part of the whole Community vibe which is around Southbourne, it is one of the reasons they want to participate in the local community events bringing their friendly outlook and feel good songs.

Unfortunately, The Shake And Stir 2019 Event was postponed much to many of the Southbourne community members. However, this did generate enough interest in the community to create a new event The Southbourne Revival

Shake And Stir Vintage Festival 2019

It is with deep regret we must inform everyone that 2019’s Shake and Stir Festival in Southbourne, planned for June 29-30th, is postponed. This is a situation we have fought hard to avoid but unfortunately, new stipulations administered to us alongside added expenses have made this year's event no longer viable.

shake and stir vintage festival 2019