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Our Song List / Repertoire - Traditional Hits

So What Are the songs which we play?

We sing an eclectic mix of songs from different decades of music and our setlist is constantly changing as we introduce different songs from audience participation, full of floor fillers to identify one of the great party bands in Bournemouth. You can also ask to go off menu....but it could be dangerous. Thanks for listening!

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Traditional Hits

These songs come into the firm favourites category, back to a time when music was part of the culture and national spirit, celebrated with a pub session. Songs with traces of a traditional sea shanty, that sounds like it's being sung like pirates or sailors, great tunes for International Talk Like a Pirate Day which in 2020 is Saturday, September 19th. "Ahoy, maties!". Arguably the most famous sailor song in history, “Drunken Sailor” is a must at any pirate party and Tuesday Night at the Wight Bear, especially late in the evening. It's a traditional song that has been recorded innumerable times. “Irish Rover” is a traditional song that has been recorded by any number of artists over the years and can be heard at pretty much any Ren Faire on any given weekend. RRRRRRRRRRR.............

  1. Drunken Sailor.
  2. The Leaving Of Liverpool.
  3. Irish Rover.
  4. Black Velvet Band.
  5. Il Pescatore.
  6. Sukiyaki. - Kyu Sakamoto
  7. Wild Rover.

The Video Above is from a night out in Westbourne where the Pudenski Brothers performed at The Porterhouse and is the Traditional song The Irish Rover, originally performed by The Dubliners and The Pogues