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Trying The New Guitar Out - Duran Duran

It is always an exciting time when some new equipment has been purchased especially when it is a new guitar. This is where I (Martin) trie out my new Faith Venus Blood Moon acoustic guitar with a Capo to perform Swing Out Sister's Breakout.

Trying The New Guitar Out - Duran DuranWatch the video

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Original Artists: Pudenski Bros
Album: Swing Out Sister
Genres: Pop
Artists: Martin Rice
Avatar: martin-rice-avatar

 Duran Duran named themselves after a character in Roger Vadim's French science fiction film 1960's film Barbarella. In the film Jane Fonda played the lead and all throughout the film she searched for the character Duran Duran (Dr Durand Durand) .The band started to play gigs at a club called Barbarella which lead the band to use the film for a solution to their name