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Trying The New Guitar Out - What was your favourite lolly from the era ?

It is always an exciting time when some new equipment has been purchased especially when it is a new guitar. This is where I (Martin) trie out my new Faith Venus Blood Moon acoustic guitar with a Capo to perform Swing Out Sister's Breakout.

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Original Artists: Pudenski Bros
Album: Swing Out Sister
Genres: Pop
Artists: Martin Rice
Avatar: martin-rice-avatar

zoom rocket lollyWhen we are out gigging I like to keep the fun in the room and throw in the odd topical Dad joke. I also somethimes ensourage audience participation and I have been know on accasions to ask What is your favourite lolly? As the age range of our audience tends to be similar to mine we often get responses such as mini milks, Fabs but my favourite was the Rocket shaped (?)  Zoom ice lolly was a generic fruity ice on a stick which doesn't even really look like a spaceship, however Fat Larry's Band took the lolly name and turned it into a hit which peaked at number 2 in the charts and remains one of the groups best known songs. We still on occasions get requested to sing Zoom and when we do I often ask the lolly question.